About Shane Robinson

(Photo by <a href='https://tracywrightcorvo.com/' target='_blank'>Tracy Wright Corvo</a>. Body paint by <a href='https://cudraclover.com/' target='_blank'>Cudra Clover</a>. Painting by Shane Robinson)
(Photo by Tracy Wright Corvo. Body paint by Cudra Clover. Painting by Shane Robinson)

Shane Robinson

American, b. 1966

Shane Robinson is best known for his photographic and mixed media abstractions. “I believe the structures, frames, and materials are as important as the narrative, and visuals,” he has said. “I pay as much attention to the design and construction of my frames and supports as I do to the formulation and application of the materials.” Acrylic, oil, encaustic, paper, ink, pastels, graphite, cold wax, cardboard, and plywood are employed to create his minimal but highly organized paintings and sculptural works. His long exposure, in-camera photographic process results in purely abstract images that are often mistaken for detailed oil paintings. He cites Gerhard Richter and Lawrence Carroll as obvious influences in his work. More recently his is exploring the boundary between painting and sculpture with his dimensional works in acrylic, plaster, encaustics, and oils.