Sometimes an artist is so close to his own work…it’s hard to gain perspective! As his partner, I’ve asked some of Shane’s collectors to speak in their own words about his work. We hope you find these testimonials insightful.

We think it is fun to share how other people feel and think about Shane’s work. We’d love to hear your opinions too. Email us! [email protected].
— Roxanne

We’ve been working with Shane Robinson and I’ve got to tell you, the art pieces that he has created are phenomenal! We’re very proud to be associated with Shane. It’s quite a momentous day for us. Shane, thank you very much.
Michael Stephens, General Manager, Andaz Maui at Wailea

Shane’s vision and eye for beauty in all mediums is astounding, and his creations never cease to amaze me. The layers of color and texture on our piece, “Kailua” takes me on a different trip each time I stop to stare at it – it’s as tranquil or stormy as my current mood! I’ve had an affinity for this piece from the first time I saw it, and now it’s on our wall, greeting all visitors to our home with a warm ALOHA! Mahalo, Shane.
Eric Olson, Husband, Dad, Pilot, and Lieutenant Colonel in the US Marines, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii
(You can see the piece Eric purchased here.)

We’re proud owners of several of Shane Robinson’s artwork. We love how Shane’s unique eye and technique see the beauty of Hawaii in new ways. Blending the traditional beauty with innovative techniques is a union representative of today’s Hawaii. Everyone who walks into our house immediately gravitates towards Shane’s work and begins asking questions; the style and resulting work are true conversations starters.
Tara and Jeff Coomans, Business Professionals, Hawaii Kai, HI

Everyone in our office as well as clients who have seen it love your new pieces in our office. They are at once striking and subtle. The perfect balance for our environment. We want more!
Barry Hyman, FIM Group, Kahului, Maui

As the owner of Sweet Paradise Chocolatier in Wailea Maui, I have chosen to collect the art of Shane Robinson. We purchased a Ginger #4 series on aluminum. The colors speak “Hawaii to us” and create a light and colorful mood without being a literal translation of a Hawaiian flower. The more abstract piece has a young, contemporary and upscale feel, which fits with my personal and our company’s design personality and interpretation of Hawaii’s beauty. Mahalo to Shane for creating works that are refreshingly different and impart joy on a daily basis.
Melanie Boudar, Owner/Sweet Paradise Chocolatier, Wailea, Maui

I am a former Maui gallery owner and now retired from the art business. I would like to introduce you to an artist that I personally collect, Shane Robinson. Shane Robinson’s combined talents are unique and rare. He posses amazing gift in painting, photography and technology as well as savvy business skills. His point of view and perspective along with his use of color and composition are well known. His stunning art is presented in a professional high end format, plus he has the technical background that adds an additional layer to his artistic skills.
Dania Katz, Retired Art Dealer and Art Consultant, Maui

Shane’s artwork is indeed magical, spiritual, and very special. Shanes pieces are delightfully spiritual, warm and natural. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure, and transacting the purchase was very easy & professional.
Ron Gates, Sales & Marketing Executive, Honolulu, HI

Shane’s abstract photography is so full of color and energy. The more I look at his pieces, the more I like them! The hardest thing for me was deciding which ones to purchase.
Blanche Benton, Art Collector, Palm Beach, FL